Fresh Air and Breeze Blowing Through Your Hair

The best excuse ever for putting your kid in a cage with a dog in the back of a pickup on the Pennsylvania Turnpike…. ‘I don’t want no dog to suffer. That’s like animal cruelty to me, you know, the dog crying like that.’


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11 responses to “Fresh Air and Breeze Blowing Through Your Hair

  1. They need to put those parents in the cage.

  2. susi spice

    LMAO.. omg… i needed that laugh. what can you say? really?

    • I was just watching Eddie McGuire trying to squirm his wait out of his predicament too Susie. LMAO. I think Adam Goodes just likes to twitter all day long lolol

      • susi spice

        Ann, i think the whole Goodes and the 13yr old fan was blown way out of proportion… a good scaring and cautioning shouldve been enough but the media just made it this enormous deal and so did Goodes.. then ‘lock it in’ Eddie goes and stuffs things up..what a knob lol

      • LOL, Susi Spice I laughed and laughed at Eddie’s gaffe … something I would do 😯

  3. Nothing will happen to Eddie and the poor kid gets humiliated NATIONALLY! She was at the footy for God’s sake. I get called worse names on here. He needs to toughen up. I saw the whole incident and he run up to her pointing her out like a big stupid kid. I love his style, “I do this for such and such and such and such”….so friggin what???

  4. My God Loon it’s still going on this morning and he’s going to step down. Read the Ninemsn comments . Gordana Duic probably Serbian or Croation called Eddie a pig. So now we have Ape and Pig and yet another racist slur. It goes on and on lololol. You are right I CAN imagine you and Susi and we get worse on here and nobody gives a rat’s arse. I just hope they keep replaying that video where Adam runs up to the girl and dobs her in. Pathetic! That’s the footy for you lol. They all need to toughen up. The thing is if you really have a good look at Adam. ….. well I’ll say no more.

    • LOL, I have been called unspeakable things by some members of our indigenous community. AND that WAS truly racist.

      I hope this new PC brigade don’t change the Aussie culture. We have piss pulled on everyone, including ourselves, without intended malice for decades. Sheez, precious bunch now.

  5. Ok it’s my shout Loon lolol. If you can’t go to the footy now without having to zip it, many won’t go. It’s what they do there lol. It’s funny not offensive. It’s Aussie !

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