Storm Chasers Killed by Twister

Storm chasers among dead in tornadoThree storm chasers experts featured on the Discovery Channel series “Storm Chasers,” were among the 13 people who died in the latest violent tornado strikes. Tim Samaras and Carl Young , along with Mr. Samaras’s son Paul, died while they were out filming a twister in Oklahoma. Matt Grzych who worked with Mr Samaras said “These were not amateurs. They knew what they were doing and they were extremely careful” . RIP


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12 responses to “Storm Chasers Killed by Twister

  1. If they had been so careful and as smart as he reckons they would not have been there now would they? Crazy people. Sad but stupid at the same time.

  2. This is as crazy as that couple who loved to climb up to the edge of volcanos. It got them both in the end and whilst there are those who will say they died doing something they loved, they were fried to death. What a horrible way to go. I hope I go out in a much more memorable way. Perhaps it could be your contribution to your community or something you have done for mankind and not some pseudo hobby that makes no sense at all. Something that you quietly achieve. I have no desire to see the inside of a volcano or a tornado. Once you’ve been there you certainly don’t stand much of a chance about telling us all how AWESOME it was even if you survive it albeit incapacitated.

  3. I have watched that programme
    a few times and it was really good 🙂

    R I P

  4. Some may call them stupid and correct me if I am wrong but these storm chasers do this so that they can give people a better advanced warning of what is heading their way.

    I’d say that the ones who do it for the above reasons are selfless, not stupid.

    • “what is heading their way” Trying to say they give people who are in the path of the storm a better advanced warning. Radar can only tell us so much.

    • The shows we get here from the states are usually the storm chasers who do it because they get a thrill out of it. They outrun, outsit, outdo it in anyway they can. We had reports of what you were going to be hit by the day before they happened and yet your reports say you had a ten minute warning. I’m also sure the bureau of meteorology would not expect anyone to put their life on the line to report that they are right in the middle of it because that is just stupid.

    • You are right Dave, although most of those who chase the storms are wild, they do it to collect data. We do not know near enough especially about Tornados, this is not a weather pattern that can be tracked for days or even weeks from the time it first forms out at sea to the time it makes landfall. Tornados are a very different pattern, often forming and destroying entire towns in a matter of minutes. In many cases the most warning a town may get is 10 minutes from the time an EF5 forms to the time it is tearing through the middle of densely populated areas.

      Storm Chasers track ‘possibilities’ to try to learn more about how and why they form. How and why one will turn. How and why one will form into an EF1 and another into an EF5, and a host of other questions that still remain. The National Weather Service doesn’t have the systems to be able to track these, study them up close. Thus the Storm Chasers.

  5. You’llprobably never be able to fathom the wrath of such a phenomenon and it’s probably like being on the inside of a bomb. We can’t measure the size of Tsunamis either but we sure as a hell should be trying to keep everyone safe. The armoured vehicles the storm chasers use obviously aren’t cutting it. I think if you know a tornado is going to hit I’d be thinking the worst and trying to get my family to safety. I.e. maybe it should be mandatory that building regs include a shelter or shelters in the hardest hit areas where homes will need to be rebuilt. Maybe every home should have one. We tunnel over here and can use metal containers if need be. I think I’d be putting the billiard table on the back burner and investing in one of these. RIP guys and I hope you were able to provide the info required.

  6. Binky

    What those guys do is very dangerous. I’m sure some of it is for the thrill of it, and some of it is for the research they do, and I think they have gathered quite a lot of new information about the storms in the last few years. But storms like that still can be very unpredictable. It would be great if one day we knew enough that no one else would have to die.

  7. Binky I couldn’t agree more . They put a man on the moon, surely robotic weather stations in those affected areas shouldn’t be too hard. On the shows they play here they are squealing with delight. Probably it is a thrill for some of them but when your life is at risk?? I guess it’s like extreme sports for some folks. Loon do you have storm chasers in WA? I know you get extreme weather over in the west.

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