Boomerang Dog Poop

OK, I'm ready for my walk.

and don’t forget to flush…

You might want to keep your pooch from pooping in the streets of Brunete, Spain because there is a good chance you may receive it back in the mail, neatly marked “Lost Property”. Oh yeah. A group of volunteers have been wandering the streets day and night, watching and waiting for a dog to do its thing (and its owner not to). That’s when they innocently stroll up to the owner and casually ask the dog’s name. From there they pick up the poop and then search the name and description of the dog in the town’s pet database and viola, they have an address. Next thing you know, you’re receving a nasty little package in the mail. In February alone pet owners got 147 smelly surprises.  Funnily enough since then Brunete has seen a 70% drop in bad doggy owner behavior.


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7 responses to “Boomerang Dog Poop

  1. Binky

    Well that’s. . .unusual.

  2. Lol odd you should post such a story today Loon. Last night Mr Monty ‘s dogs were running around in my yard, pooping and peeing, not that I care as that’s what dogs do. You just have to clean it up and with small dogs no big deal. However according to Monty I have a dog that does “dumps” in his flower pots. Remember the story before Christmas? Tillie is tiny and does tiny poos not dumps. But she’s contained and we know it wasn’t her Anyway after his ranting and raving about how disgusting it was I had the priviledge of knocking on his door last night and presenting him with his two dogs. The dogs that never get out the door! I told the family that they could pop over tomorrow and pick up the poo… just because I can. Karma always gets you. I could hear them in the background yelling,” Who let the dogs out?”

  3. They call that Poo Stalking in some countries,
    and also in Dysney Cartoons, well when Pooh is
    talking Eeyore listens, or is that everyone? 🙂 lol

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