Should’ve Just Paid For The Meal

Man caught putting his own pubic hair in meal OK, here’s the thing people trying to get a free meal at an Indian restaurant in northern England, don’t be plucking no pubes from ya pants and then throwing them in your curry, especially if they have CCTV. Dude!!!! Evidently a customer put his hands down his pants and grabbed some short and curlies and threw them into his lamb bhuna leftovers so he wouldn’t have to pay for his meal. That’s two weeks in jail fool.

Psst I am pretty sure Indians can recognise their own pubes!!!


Filed under Friggin Gross, They Live Among Us !, Well I Never

6 responses to “Should’ve Just Paid For The Meal

  1. Ok what’s the difference loon? I’m waiting…….

  2. Do they honk of curry or what? 😦 lmao

  3. That is just disturbing, why do they have CCTV? Do people do this often?

  4. They should have them everywhere and the crime rate would drop. ie raping and murdering Jill Maegher. Great effort and he’s in jail already only because of CCTV. Now they have him for other rapes as well.

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