Oven Cleaner Is Not A Cure For Hiccups

Woman hospitalized after being given oven cleaner to cure hiccupsOh no, a woman is in intensive care after staff at a Queensland restaurant gave her a glass of oven cleaner to rid her of her hiccups. Whoopsie, that was suppose to be vinegar. Seems the oven cleaner bottle was right next to the vinegar bottle and well, you can probably guess the rest.

Psst I know what you’re all thinking, they should have just crept up on her and went “boo”.


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12 responses to “Oven Cleaner Is Not A Cure For Hiccups

  1. Either seem a little extreme Loon, what were they thinking? I think a glass of either would be lethal.

  2. That’s right, boys and girls; can you say: LAWSUIT. You bet your ass.

  3. well if that doesn’t cure her hiccups dunno what will..shock therapy is the best cure..give her some more if she aint cured yet

  4. Yeah tell her she drank something equivalent to “Draino” that’ll do it.

  5. I think oven cleaner would have had a different
    smell to vinegar, maybe she was a bit of a dipstick? 🙂 lmao

  6. Heard of Vinegar cure. Not tasty but really how could she not know what she was drinking?

  7. Binky

    And these are the cooks?

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