I’m So Board

Japanese island turned into board gameHow do you save a typhoon ravaged island in Japan from financial ruin and boost its tourism? Now loons, it’s Japan, so you need to be thinking outside the box. Give up? OK, you turn it into a life-size version of the Game of Life board game, that’s how. The island will have a life size roulette wheel and a bus that will shuttle tourists around. The inspiration for this idea came from Taknanori Iwamoto, a member of Yoron’s Chamber of Commerce, who was stuck without power during last years typhoon season and ended up having to play endless hours of  games with his family.

Psst Don’t know Game of Life? Think “The Amazing Race”.


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2 responses to “I’m So Board

  1. Good job he wasn’t playing Tic-Tac-Toe
    or there would never be any progress 😦

  2. That actually sounds quite fun. What is the prize for winning?

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