My Bad?

I heard a calamity in the loungeroom yesterday and discovered that Claudius had somehow found the bird net which was in a cupboard and had managed to drag it into the loungeroom and then proceeded to get caught in it. He looked at me like “what is this damn contraption I found myself trapped in?”

Claudius in a bird net

What confounded trap is this?


Filed under Friggin Claudius

7 responses to “My Bad?

  1. Hey, get him out of there 🙂 lol
    he does look kind of relaxed considering
    he is trapped in the net, maybe he is now
    thinking what he will do to you next? 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  2. That is so funny. Well, not for Claudius. With his expression, this is better than most of those cute cat pictures!

  3. Wait… bird net?!?! What kind of net-related stuff do you have going on over there, Loon?!

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