Yakuza Cover Up

Can I have 5?

Can I have 5?

The biggest bummer about being a member of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) is if you stuff up you have to cut off a finger , usually starting with the pinkie.  This unfortunately poses a problem when you want to find a job because everyone friggin knows by the missing fingers, you are a former Yakuza (and not a very good one). But not to worry, there is always prosthetic pinkie man  to save the day.  Yep, this dude makes fake fingers for the mafia and he’s real busy. Shintaro Hayashi is the mafia go to man for custom made fingers. The dude has made over 300 and charges around $4,000 each. Hayashi says there are three reasons why Yakuza members come to him for a  fake finger a) they are looking for a career outside the mafia b) they need to cover up for their kids wedding c) their wife is worried about the family reputation. Anywho, whatever the reason the guy is making a killing.

Want sauce with that?


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7 responses to “Yakuza Cover Up

  1. Well so much for wanting sauce with that. I think he’s been working on her face too. It looks like they only cut off half your finger so that the prosthetic one has something to grip on too. With my luck it woulld come off at the first handshake.

  2. Just put a marshmallow on it

  3. I’m starting hair implants for skin heads….yep..

  4. Binky

    I guess they could cut off something more important.

  5. whoever said Mafia didn’t provide good job opportunities 😮

  6. You want a pinkie? I can get you a pinkie, believe me. There are ways , Dude. You don’t wanna know about it, believe me.
    (in my best Walter Sobchak)

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