Penile Implant Fail

Man suing after penile implant left him with 8 month erectionOMG a truck driver, who had a three piece penile implant, ended up with an erection that lasted 8 months. Yes, the dude is suing. Poor guy had to wear baggy sweat pants and long shirts to hide his permanent erection. Hmm, but it is alleged, despite his scrotum swelling to the size of a volleyball, he failed to do anything about it. It was only after the implant punctured his scrotum during a family trip to Niagara Falls did he have it removed. Unfortunately, despite getting a replacement prosthesis from another doctor his penis is now
about 50% smaller.

Want sauce with that?



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4 responses to “Penile Implant Fail

  1. Punctured his sc.. scr…. scrotum. Oh God there’s that word again. What say we make up a nicer word than the “S” word? So what got him all excited at Niagara Falls then?

  2. Good job he wasn’t a trainee bank robber then 😉
    How do you mean why? Well when he burst into the
    bank shouting this is a stick up, the lady with her hands
    in the air would automatically say “No Shit Sherlock” 😦

  3. Excuse me? He walked around with this for 8 months, there must have been some benefit.

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