Jayden Sinks Westboro With Lemons

When the nasty hate mongering Westboro Baptist church give you lemons, set up a lemonade stand right across the road from them. Five year old Jayden Sink is facing the wrath of Fred Phelps and his followers after she began selling lemonade across the street from the church as part of a campaign to raise money for peace. Sheez little girl you’re brave. Seems the infamous parishioners have unleashed the kraken on the wee little snowflake, hurling abuse and launching a campaign of hell against her. Despite this, she has raised over $13,000.


Filed under Friggin Awesome, You Go Girl!

6 responses to “Jayden Sinks Westboro With Lemons

  1. God hates lemonade!

  2. She apparently plans on continuing her lemonade stand all summer. What a grand little girl. Phelps and his band of inbreeds already hate the Rainbow house across the street, this must drive them absolutely nuts. Good on all of them and all the people who stop!

  3. Always love reading a good news story…this is a win win one all around… good on you Jayden….

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