Unlucky For Him

burglar stumbles on dead bodyWhen neighbors heard screaming coming from a house in New Zealand, they thought it was a domestic. Hmm, but they were wrong. The sound was coming from a burglar who had just stumbled across a dead body hanging in the house. The traumatized thief rang police who verified the owner of the house had committed suicide.


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5 responses to “Unlucky For Him

  1. Binky

    That’s a good deterrent.

  2. There’s a deed body in there Eh Bro!

  3. How kind of him to ring around.

  4. what is with people can’t they hand themselves out so that a thief can have some peaceful time !!

  5. LMAO! Never thought I would feel sorry for a thief, but at least the guy had the courage to call the cops. I’ve read articles where people considered basically regular folks didn’t call for help when their good friend was dying from a drug overdose, out of fear they would get in trouble for drugs.

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