The Impossible Dream

Sorry, did not see you sitting there for 3 hours waiting for a menu.

Sorry, did not see you sitting there for 3 hours waiting for a menu.

Oh for crying out loud French Tourism officials, save your time and money because nothing is going to make Paris friendly to tourists. In an attempt to improve tourism in the city of love, the Paris Chamber of Commerce have distributed 30,000  “Do you speak tourist?” manuals to tourism-related industries. The pamphlet includes such revelations as …. the British expect “smiling, friendly staff, a warm welcome and a playful dimension to cultural attractions.” and the Yanks expect “to be taken care of quickly, and a mastery of English.” Hmm, now why would they want to go and do something like that? Paris is nothing, unless you have been ignored by a waiter, grunted at by a local or had the “eye roll” because you say everything in a bad French accent  . Sheez, next they’ll be wanting to clean up the dog poop. They just have to spoil everything!!!


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17 responses to “The Impossible Dream

  1. Loon I found the French worse here in Australia at the Embassy. When we stayed in Paris they were very pleasant and helpful. They made our stay very enjoyable and I still the remember the guy in the MALE perfumery. I asked him if he could speak English so that we could discuss the accommodation in close proximity to the Eiffel Tower. His English was perfect and when we opened our windows, “VOILA” the Eiffel Tower. It was magic!

  2. You know what will make their life miserable…ask for curry with everything
    no matter what is in the menu .
    I will have Tarte Tatin with extra curry please

  3. Try asking for a white tea in States. They have NO IDEA!! They tell you that they only have brown lolol. Bottomless coffee seems to be the go. No wonder they are hyper.

  4. Have to admit Loon I had the best breakfast at Lake Tahoe. We were skiing there and had this unforgettable feast. They eat about a packet of bacon, half a dozen eggs and half a bag of spuds(hash browns) and four coffees each for breakfast…each . No wonder they are HUGE. You could almost hear your arteries screaming out “STOP”

  5. Strange, I have never had any problems in Paris; it is one of my favorite cities to wander. No one has ever been rude. I always thought the reputation was because tourists were simply idiots who didn’t know how to travel.

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