The Problem With Magic Mushrooms

Man rips off part of his penisOuch. A man from Ohio (home of friggin Bearman) is now licking his wounds (figuratively speaking) in hospital after he ripped off a piece of his penis while under the influence of magic mushrooms. No word on whether the severed part has been reattached but I guarantee he won’t be doing that again.


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9 responses to “The Problem With Magic Mushrooms

  1. What did he think it was Loon? No sauce with the interesting ones lol

  2. Okay, I’m not admitting to ingesting this particular vegetable in a varied past. Let’s just say I have a friend…
    The last fucking thing you wanna experience infer these conditions is pain.
    I’ve a feeling this guy had a few other issues at hand. And other parts of his anatomy.

  3. Some people really should stay away from things that alter reality. Ouch

  4. Yes Loon but you haven’t told
    us what he was doing yet? 🙂 lmao
    It was probably just a weed anyway,
    oh I mean a small mushroom 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  5. As long as he didn’t think the tip was another mushroom ouch

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