Moral of the Story

When driving with multiple five-gallon buckets of latex paint on the backseat, you need to take extra care or ….

Driver covered in paint after car accident

Psst Washington

Want sauce with that?


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15 responses to “Moral of the Story

  1. A living work of art….priceless….

  2. Binky

    I though he just burped.

  3. Oh how sweet he colour splashed software required!

  4. I think this is a write off or sell it to a painter. All the guys up here seem to have spilled a fair bit of paint over their cars too. Speaking of paintings Loon I bumped into a local painter at the pub tonight(went for tea) and we got talking and I was discussing a painting I bought at an auction seven years ago or there abouts. Turns out it’s an original Peter Hickey who went to the states to live and teach but is now back in Sydney. Better get it valued lolol I could be sitting on a gold mine. He has some on exhibition now in Sydney. I got it at work for a song when we moved buildings and had to sell off artwork because of lack of space in the new building. Lucky me. I was actually bidding on some Aboriginal art but it got to $3000.00 so I thought it was too much for all those dots lolol

  5. I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty common around here. At least we consider it ‘art.’

  6. Art it is then and I’m sure he’ll be proud to hang it on his wall. Poor guy, firstly you have to get out of the car dripping in paint, then strip off but where? Nobody is going let you in their place covered in paint. You have to get to the shower but where? Your wife will thrown a fit if you walk indoors like that. Hose it is then lolol. Poor fella.

  7. Is he stuck with the ugly colors?

  8. The Abstract Expressionist interior package? Fancy!

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