Watch Out For The …….

Rare bird flies into wind turbine and diesYou know what I hate? When you travel all the way to a Scottish island to see an extremely rare White-throated Needletail ( the world’s fastest flying bird) only to see it splattered by a wind turbine. I really friggin hate that. Bird watchers came from near and far ,after news quickly spread of the rare sighting (there’s been only  8  in the UK in the past 170 years) only to see it fly straight into the blade. Hmm, well I’m guessing,  that’s even rarer  to see.


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4 responses to “Watch Out For The …….

  1. Binky

    I guess it’s not as fast as the blades of a wind turbine.

  2. We have two wind turbines just out of town and they don’t move that fast.

  3. you are right that was a rare sight indeed and hey bird was under too much pressure to perform

  4. If they hadn’t been crowding it maybe it wouldn’t
    have flown away, obviously they were all asshole
    faces taking the photographs and ogling it 😦

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