Look. Up in the Sky. It’s …. Run

Family believe plane dropped feces on carsTwo families in Ontario suspect passing airplanes have been dropping crap on their properties and by crap I mean poop. The families say that their cars and driveways where splattered with petrid smelling feces which could have only come from above….. from either a plane or a “pterodactyl”. Airport authorities say samples have been analysed and it definitely ain’t their shit.


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10 responses to “Look. Up in the Sky. It’s …. Run

  1. Gol danged pterodactyls! Time to break out the anti-aircraft weapons Loon! 😆

  2. Must be a hole in the plane sewerage tank. Or someone is pooing out the window

  3. Binky

    Maybe it’s alien!

  4. susi spice

    How does the airport know it’s not theirs?

  5. What a stinky surprise 😦 Eeeek

  6. Ugh… how would you like to work at that lab?!

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