Assault With A Deadly Twig

No, not the twigs!!!!

No, not the twigs!!!!

Oh for crying out loud, a man has been fined for assaulting the landlord of a pub with a bundle of twigs. Yes, you heard me, twigs. The landlord said “It just happened so quickly. I thought it was a weapon coming up to my face. I think he had around 10 or 12 twigs.” That’s a 400 pound fine right there.

Psst UK

Want sauce with that?


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8 responses to “Assault With A Deadly Twig

  1. Well he could have taken an eye out with the twigs. He needs to be more twig friendly.

  2. Obviously it was a dodgy
    outlet, or is that Twiglet? lmao
    I hope that your weekend has
    been an exciting one Loon 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  3. Binky

    A twit with twigs can be dangerous.

  4. How embarrassing to be smacked with a faggot…next.

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