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Move Over Zombies We Have Braining Eating Parasites

Brain eating bug found at swimming centerEveryone out of the Willow Springs Water Park in Arkansas, seems there is a nasty brain eating parasite living there. The amoeba likes hanging around warm water and soil and getting into people’s heads. A young girl is currently fighting for her life after swimming at the park.


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Psychics Didn’t See This Coming

Fake psychic ring busted in Moscow Dodgy phone psychic have been busted in Moscow. Seem the ring of so called psychics had been telling people they were cursed before charging them a whopping fee to remove it over the phone. The service was advertised on a popular cable network . Dumbasses. Sheez, if they were real psychics they would have seen the 10 years in jail coming.


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Fish First

night club told to turn down music because of pet fish

Open up, fish police

Shh people, the fish are sleeping. Swedish authorities have told a night club they have to lower their music because of concerns over cichlid fish living in the club. Evidently they have been playing their music at over 100 decibels when the law clearly states that music must be kept at 65 decibels or lower when pet animals are in the vicinity. Seriously, did some one dob them in?


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Mafia Hiding Place Exposed

body parts found in concrete recycling plant rubbleOh dear, the mafia have been sprung. Seems a concrete recycling plant in Nagasaki are finding body parts in the crushed up rubble. A hand and arm were discovered on the conveyor belt used to separate the concrete last week. No word on whether it is Jimmy Hoffa.


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Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time

two teens burn down police station to join mate in jailHow do two teens from Manitoba get to visit their mate in a Winnipeg jail for free? Hmm, well setting light to the  Royal Canadian Mounted Police station pretty much guarantees it. The two teens aged 13 and 14 wanted to be flown to Winnipeg to see their buddy who was being held on arson charges. The judge only granted one of the punks their wish,  the youngest didn’t have any priors so was given bail. Hmm, maybe his parents will drive them.


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Boasting List Found During Jimmy Savile Investigation

Boasting List Found During Jimmy Savile InvestigationJust when you thought the Jimmy Savile case couldn’t get any worse they find a secret wall and on wallpaper behind that wall are a list of names and ages of hundreds of kids (both boys and girls) believed to have been sexual assault victims. Next to each name is an apparent rating of their performance. Police are not sure who wrote the “boasting list” but it was discovered in a flat above a record shop in Greater Manchester following a tipoff during police inquiries into the disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile.


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Bouncy House Goes Kaboom

bouncy house explodesMove over exploding oxygen tank we have a new winner and it’s a bouncy castle. Yep, the inflatable  house kaboomed in a park while kiddies were jumping around inside. Some were trapped and injured and will probably have some great phobias for life.


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Oxygen Tank + Cigarette = Kaboom

Word of warning loons, do be smoking while using your oxygen tank . A man in Kentucky died after he lit a cigarette and his oxygen tank exploded. His family said it wasn’t the first time his tanks had blown (three prior explosions) but add that this time it was different because it killed him.


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This Is Not What You Want

Horrifying footage of the high speed train that crashed in Spain makes flying look safe….


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Bubonic Plague Squirrel

Plague infested squirrel found in CaliforniaNo need to panic loons but a plague infested squirrel has been found in the Table Mountain Campgrounds in California. The squirrel tested positve last week and now the area has been closed. Damn those fleas.  Aint nobody want no bubonic plague.


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