Step Away From The Piggy Bank

Uncle jailed for stealing from nephews piggy bankA Missouri man will be whiling away the hours, days, months , years  in jail ruing the day he ever raided his 4 year old nephew’s piggy bank. The dude stole $500 in quarters from his nephew while visiting his sis so he could buy drugs and have himself a good time with prostitutes. That, and an unrelated burglary charge, got him 7 years behind bars.


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7 responses to “Step Away From The Piggy Bank

  1. Oh well now he will BE the prostitute lol.

  2. a 4yr old had $500 ? 😯

    Spoilt, I tell ye!

  3. P.S. if I had had that kind of money in my piggy bank when I was a kid – my parents would have ‘raiding it’ before any uncles got a look in !

  4. Binky

    Who says all uncles are bad?

  5. Another weed bites the dust 🙂

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