La Sweaty Crotch

Ewh, can someone smell a sweaty pear?

Ewh, can someone smell a sweaty pear?

Hey guys, any of you suffering from a skinky, sweaty crotch? Worry begone. A French company has designed underwear for men that releases a sweet scent as soon as you begin to sweat in the nether regions. Called “The Indomitable” the undies retail for around $50 and release a musk and pear scent for at least 30 washes. The scent only activates when your crotch gets sweaty.

Psst  OK, as I can pretty much guess  you Loons all secretly want to buy a pair or two,I have included their website…. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Le Slip Francais.


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10 responses to “La Sweaty Crotch

  1. Why not just have a shower every day and la sweaty crotch will be fine.

  2. There are far too many stinky crotches around
    these days Loon, and all because some blokes
    don’t wash properly 😦 Smelly Nut Syndrome
    is sweeping the planet with a honking stench
    that even some of my Zombies can’t stand 😦


    Wash thy nuts frequently
    or suffer thy sweaty crotch…
    Thou hath been warned 😦

  3. 30 washes? Those obviously aren’t geared to men who actually wear their underwear until it is just a wisp of fabric

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