Human Test Volume 1

Something to think about while enjoying your day of rest … oh and have your pencil ready.


Filed under Friggin Hilarious

10 responses to “Human Test Volume 1

  1. the elevator button one really pisses me off !

  2. At work when I was in the lift with colleagues we’d press all the buttons and jump out.

  3. geee…I’m not human …Waiting for volume 2 …..waiting….waiting…

  4. those friggin boarding passes!!! I always forget where I friggin put them.

  5. Those friggin passports, I can never find them either or… I find my deceased father in law’s all the time. I should toss it but I can’t. The only time he used it was when we took him to Poland. God love him. Maybe he’s trying to tell me something…. Is there anybody there?????

  6. what is this!! I knew someone was following me but this is talking stalking to another level..
    Fine I admit 98% of that video is me

  7. Wow I just got the five Loon so I
    guess that I must be human after all 🙂 xxxx

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