We Have A Floater

Body floating in river was aliveOh for crying out loud people. The dead body you saw floating down the river in Trent was not a dead body…I repeat NOT a dead body, it was a 73 year old lady . Sure she was  motionless and pale but when police went to fish her out she suddenly opened her eyes. No word on why she was floating around.


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5 responses to “We Have A Floater

  1. Ah old people do this kind of stuff. Old eccentrics, you know how they are Loon?

  2. oh no a few hours more and she would have created a new record ..the police just when you don’t need them

  3. It was number ninety nine on her bucket list to be kissed by a Copper in Wellingtons, those bucket lists take decades to complete sometimes but at least she got her wish, and tongues too I bet 😉 lmao

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