Sleep With One Eye Open

You know what I hate? When doctors are about to remove a dead woman’s organs and she suddenly opens her eyes. I would really friggin hate that! The woman, who had been admitted to a New York hospital following a drug overdose,  was pronounced brain dead by doctors and sent to have her organs harvest. This, despite signs she was only in a coma. Eyebrows were raised even higher when it was discovered the doctors gave her sedatives before the removal began. A practice not performed on a brain dead patient. The woman didn’t sue the hospital as she was severely depressed and later committed suicide.


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4 responses to “Sleep With One Eye Open

  1. Binky

    Talk about opportunistic!

  2. susi spice

    Means to an end?

  3. That is just downright freakin’
    wrong and ghoulishly creepy…

  4. 30 years ago my mother would make comments about such practices and we’d all think she was MAD. She’d go on about euthanasia of the elderly without any consultation and it’s all coming home to roost. My mother in law on the other hand, didn’t believe one of the old men who used to visit granddad, saying that priests and nuns had sex with each other. Not only each other by the looks of things. I’m sure it happens Loon. In fact in, the psych ward Jan was in one of the nurses told me that some of the guys needed “Hand Relief”. I warned her if she went near Jan I’d KEEEEEEL her. I meant it too lol. Imagine opening the Herald Sun one morning and there’s I’d be lolol. Yep I think they are harvesting corneas, kydneys, livers and hearts without consent. Nothing would surprise me.

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