Vampire Graveyard

Vampire graveyard found in PolandRun loons, archeologists in Poland have unearthed a friggin vampire graveyard. Hmm, maybe they should stake it out. The skeletons, which had their heads removed and placed near their legs, were found during road construction. This practice was popular in medieval times to make sure that if a corpse rose from the dead it couldn’t find its head. Hello, a headless vampire is just as scary!!!!


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6 responses to “Vampire Graveyard

  1. Maybe, but it wouldn’t be able to bite you and infect you with vampiritis.

  2. but why remove the head, what, the vampire would wake up and think oh no, no head better be dead again or hey my head is near my leg, gross, not going to use this one!

  3. They have arms to reach out and pick up their heads don’t they? Dumb Polaks.

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