Detroit City Now A Ghost Town

Detroit City files for bankruptcyOh no, not even Robocop can save Detroit now, the whole friggin city is bankrupt? OMG, what does that even mean? Hmm, well for starters, they can’t afford to pay anyone a dime. Nope, and forget pensions.They are in about $17 billion dollars worth of debt and filing bankruptcy is the only way out. Egads. Hmm, well if everyone in the world sent them a dollar … oh never mind, they’d still be 10 billion dollars in debt.


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11 responses to “Detroit City Now A Ghost Town

  1. mmmmm…. The rest of the USA to follow then the World… Go get your cash of the banks before they shut the door on you and take the lot … not looking good is it folks….

  2. Can I buy a firetruck or two?

  3. Hey don’t look here for help we have already taken money from Mercury to Pluto

  4. susi spice

    even with shipping costs i probably can get all my building materials for my house cheaper than i can buy it here haha.

  5. They aren’t the first US city to do this, won’t be the last I suspect.

  6. Aint friggin oHio…but it is close

  7. celticqueen1

    Gonna be a while before that country gets out of the shit financially.

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