Testicles Have Taste Buds

Testicles have taste budsHere’s a piece of useless information. Evidently, testicles have taste buds that can detect sweet flavours.  What the hell? Oh and if you happen to block these taste buds you are pretty much deemed infertile. So wearing strawberry lip gloss ….. oh never mind.

Want sauce with that?


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12 responses to “Testicles Have Taste Buds

  1. As a type 2 diabetic, I can only say, my balls have WAY more than enough sugar.

  2. Mango only please…. My nuts hate strawberry….

  3. susi spice

    im googling this! weird…

  4. celticqueen1

    No Mega they don’t want to taste yours lol

  5. If only they smelled … oh never mind

  6. oh my god now I am thinking what kind of weird situation will it be when a man will need his testicles to taste something..when and why 😯

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