Thanks US Military

This looks safe

This looks safe

Sheez, when it comes to a choice of dropping bombs on civilians or a world heritage site , the US military will go for a world heritage site every time. OMG, but did it have to be the Great Barrier Reef for goodness sakes. Four unarmed 226kg bombs were dropped on the fragile reef after civilian vessels were spotted in an approved drop zone during training exercises.


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11 responses to “Thanks US Military

  1. celticqueen1

    Oh dear that is a huge no no! Hands on hearts everybody!!!!

  2. I’m clasping my pearl necklace as my facial muscles pull themselves into shock horror mode…

  3. susi spice

    They just can’t stand to see Anything that isn’t in ruins… They r like graffiti taggers. Can’t stand to see something pristine and clean without wanting to put their mark all over it and ruin it.

  4. oh no this is really bad, man has this itch to eave footprints so bad

  5. We, that is the US, are such schmucks. We have no sense of history or the value of this earth unless we have trampled it.

    Hanging head in shame.

  6. Just clearing the path for our Navy ships to pass through

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