Proof Some Politicians Do Have Balls

Swedish MP exposes his genitalsSwedish politician Lars Ohly posted a photo of his new Liverpool Football Club leg tattoo on Instagram unaware his genitals were showing. Maybe Weiner and Ohly should compare notes.

Psst Sorry Loons, tried to find the unblocked image for you but to no avail.


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9 responses to “Proof Some Politicians Do Have Balls

  1. No need to be sorry, you know mans privates are truly not all that attractive.

  2. As with most politicians with balls…as soon as they show them someone removes or blots them out…. yep…just another politician….

  3. Oh for crying out loud Mega, I meant HIS balls, not yours. Thanks for your pic anywho 😉

  4. The tatt’s a bit extreme even for you Mega who hates tatts lolol. I’m surprised they aren’t inked ” hot and cold”.

  5. Loon we all know what balls look like dear 😉 🙂 lmao

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