Oxygen Tank + Cigarette = Kaboom

Word of warning loons, do be smoking while using your oxygen tank . A man in Kentucky died after he lit a cigarette and his oxygen tank exploded. His family said it wasn’t the first time his tanks had blown (three prior explosions) but add that this time it was different because it killed him.


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8 responses to “Oxygen Tank + Cigarette = Kaboom

  1. Do you think the point has finally been driven home Loon?

  2. susi spice

    I like how ur encouraging people to ” do be smoking” , would definitely reduce the surplus population

    • Lol I didn’t notice that Susi but, no smoking would have meant no
      ” KABOOM”. Another thing I detest with a passion. Well it’s not that I dislike everything, just tatts and smoking.

      • susi spice

        i know how you feel…i hate it when there is no Kaboom too 😛 haha. just how u wrote it..

  3. Binky

    If at first you don’t succeed. . .

  4. Boy, I’ll bet he gets it right the next time.


  5. Smoking is a killer Loon, everyone should know that 🙂

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