Bubonic Plague Squirrel

Plague infested squirrel found in CaliforniaNo need to panic loons but a plague infested squirrel has been found in the Table Mountain Campgrounds in California. The squirrel tested positve last week and now the area has been closed. Damn those fleas.  Aint nobody want no bubonic plague.


Filed under Friggin Scary, Friggin Wildlife

6 responses to “Bubonic Plague Squirrel

  1. hello friggin loon its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes heer in the forest up on neerby palomar mowntin they hav sines evryware warning peepul that plague is endemik and not to approatch or handel enny ded rodents they may find!!! needless to say us dogs do not git tayken for wawks up their!!! ok bye

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