Bouncy House Goes Kaboom

bouncy house explodesMove over exploding oxygen tank we have a new winner and it’s a bouncy castle. Yep, the inflatable  house kaboomed in a park while kiddies were jumping around inside. Some were trapped and injured and will probably have some great phobias for life.


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7 responses to “Bouncy House Goes Kaboom

  1. No visuals Loon? On a more serious note, I hope the kids are all ok and let that be a lesson, no smoking when on the bouncy castle kids.

  2. Binky

    Inflatables should not be inflated with oxygen, hydrogen, or propane.

  3. Yep bouncy kabooms aren’t good.

  4. Wow! That’s gonna lead to some heavy therapy.

  5. Who let the fat guy in there

  6. I bet some of their fathers will think twice
    on the rubber dolly range too Loon 😦 lmao xxxx

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