Fish First

night club told to turn down music because of pet fish

Open up, fish police

Shh people, the fish are sleeping. Swedish authorities have told a night club they have to lower their music because of concerns over cichlid fish living in the club. Evidently they have been playing their music at over 100 decibels when the law clearly states that music must be kept at 65 decibels or lower when pet animals are in the vicinity. Seriously, did some one dob them in?


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Wildlife

4 responses to “Fish First

  1. Binky

    You certainly don’t want to harm Swedish Fish! They taste too good.

  2. The orange ones are my favorite.

  3. They weren’t playing ABBA were they? Even at
    20 decibels it would have stopped the fish from sleeping 😦

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