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Thanks US Military

This looks safe

This looks safe

Sheez, when it comes to a choice of dropping bombs on civilians or a world heritage site , the US military will go for a world heritage site every time. OMG, but did it have to be the Great Barrier Reef for goodness sakes. Four unarmed 226kg bombs were dropped on the fragile reef after civilian vessels were spotted in an approved drop zone during training exercises.


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Geraldo Selfies

Geraldo Rivera does a selfieOh for the love of a middle life crisis 70 year old Geraldo Rivera has been snapping selfies and posting them on Twitter much to the horror of people everywhere. Look away loons, this can’t be unseen. Oh my eyes….my eyes….


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RIP Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas, the fiesty White House correspondent, has died at 92. Thomas was infamous for grilling presidents and making them squirm but more importantly she was a pioneer for woman in journalism. Love her or loath her she will be sorely missed.


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Testicles Have Taste Buds

Testicles have taste budsHere’s a piece of useless information. Evidently, testicles have taste buds that can detect sweet flavours.  What the hell? Oh and if you happen to block these taste buds you are pretty much deemed infertile. So wearing strawberry lip gloss ….. oh never mind.

Want sauce with that?


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Hair of the Dog

Woman fined for brushing dogs in parkA woman who brushed her two dogs in a local park was fined  £50 for littering. Oh yeah, welcome to England. The two council wardens waited until she was finished before swooping on her, taking photos , blocking her car and then handing her an on the spot fine.


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Howdy Doody’s Future Uncertain

What time is it? Howdy Doody sale time. The fall out from Detroit being broke is that Howdy Doody, the famous marionette, may have to be sold. The puppet , which is owned by the city of Detroit, is considered a valuable asset and might have to be sold to help cover their $18 billion debt.


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Jogger Keeps Pooping On Her Morning Runs

When a New Mexico woman goes on her morning run part  of her ritual is to poop next to some poor guys house. Hell yes, he has the video to prove it. Hmm, that’s some nasty skidmarks right there. The man, who set up the security camera,  is not only mortified that she drops her daks near his house but that she doesn’t bother to wipe her butt either. He called her a “bad human”. So far no one has been able to identify the culprit.


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Detroit City Now A Ghost Town

Detroit City files for bankruptcyOh no, not even Robocop can save Detroit now, the whole friggin city is bankrupt? OMG, what does that even mean? Hmm, well for starters, they can’t afford to pay anyone a dime. Nope, and forget pensions.They are in about $17 billion dollars worth of debt and filing bankruptcy is the only way out. Egads. Hmm, well if everyone in the world sent them a dollar … oh never mind, they’d still be 10 billion dollars in debt.


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Hurry Up The Queen Is Going On Hols

Queen impatient about arrival of royal babyIf by some remote chance any loons are waiting , waiting, waiting, for the arrival of Prince Willy and Kate’s sprog you aren’t the only one. Evidently the Queen is getting a tad narky about it’s no show as she’s off on holidays next week and doesn’t want to be dilly dallying around Kensington if she can help it.


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Dog Wants A Kitty

Slow News Day …


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