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Try Not To Get This Song Stuck In Your Head

Someone has some big issues ……


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Trust No One

Phew, they don't suspect a thing

Phew, they don’t suspect a thing

Paranoid much?  Some guy waltzed into an Egyptian  police station with a swan under his arm believing it to be a spy. The bird, which was probably as confused as could be, had a small electrical device attached to its leg. After some investigating it was determined the swan was not an undercover agent nor a terrorist but merely a bird being tracked by some wildlife nut. As you were.


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Silly Bank Robber

Bank robber falls 21 floors down garbage chutePart B of any good bank robbery is the exit strategy. Using a garbage chute on the 21 floor is not one of them. A maintenence worker had to pull the trapped fool out of the trash compactor area of the basement after he robbed a bank and the fell ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 21 floors into garbage. Injuries? Oh, he had a few.


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Cashed Up Tooth Fairy

Tooth fairy increases ratesGood news little snowflakes it seems the tooth fairy is dishing out on average $3.70 per tooth, up 40% from 2011. So that’s like 20 x 3.70, which equals 74 bucks the set. Not bad.


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Biggest Insult EVER

A US executive is suing her boss (and scent making firm Firmenich) for $6 million after he told her she looked like Susan Boyle. Sheez, only $6 million?

Want sauce with that?


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How To Scare The Crap Out Of An Office Worker

Some poor Japanese guy got the Jurassic scared out of him as he headed to his office.


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Most Annoying Sounds You Will Hear All Day


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