Why Don’t You Grow Your Own

Sheez, this lady should have her mouth washed out with the rhubarb instead of stealing it. WARNING – REALLY BAD LANGUAGE.


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8 responses to “Why Don’t You Grow Your Own

  1. Hope she enjoyed the rhubarb…lol..poor thing…

  2. Typical I was just about to watch this one
    and the video has been banned 😦 Grrrrrrrrr

    • Banned in England? OMG banned in Aussie as well …Hmmmm… even though the swearing matched the Australian language standard…. what next….

      • Yes I am shocked, dumbfounded and incredibly miffed at their decision, I mean there is always some Big Meany sitting there thinking that someone is going to be offended but if they don’t like it then they don’t have to watch it now do they Megga? Bloody spoilsports I tell you, SPOILSPORTS 😦 lmfao

        Have a great Monday Megga 🙂


    • Well fcuk that Andro.Lololol I really was a vile tirade of abuse. This must be one I shouldn’t have been able to open as I can’t with lots of Loons vids.

      • They usually open okay for me and this one did too but with a message saying that it had been taken off YouTube for breaking the code of conduct, or word’s similar to that 😦 lol

        Hey are you having a lovely Monday Ann? 😉 🙂

        Andro xxxx

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