McDouble Trouble

Man jailed for ringing 911  over Mcdonalds disputeYou go to McDonalds and order 7 McDoubles but when you get to your truck and discover you only have 6 what do you do? Well, most people would just roll their eyes and mutter dumbasses, but not our dude in Georgia. He confronted the staff who in turn gave him “attitude” so he dialled 911 on them. Oh yes he did. Hmm, unfortunately instead of the police reprimanding the staff for their inability to count, the cops threw him jail overnight for misusing the emergency number. Oh for crying out loud, the dude just wanted “to be treated like a person with respect.”


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11 responses to “McDouble Trouble

  1. What he’s was going to eat all 7???? A Fat Farm would be a better place to send him.

  2. Binky

    Perhaps he should aspire “to be treated like a person with a brain.”

  3. I guess the cops weren’t exactly ‘Lovin’ it’.

  4. Crime does not pay, oh and neither does greed 🙂 lmao

    • But who do we call in these cases of emergency there should be a helpline 0r 1800 number. we cannot let Mc Donald get away with robbing us of those extra pounds.

      • Der, der, der, der, derrr derr der, der…
        Who Can We Call.. Fat Busters, I can’t hear you…
        This works best if you think of the Ghostbusters
        theme song and do a wally type dance as you
        sing it out loud 🙂 lmao Fat Busters… Der, der…
        And so on…

        Andro xxxx

  5. I’m with you Soma we don’t want to be any thinner than we need to be lol. Some days I’d kill for Mc Donalds. I live in a town where there’s no fast food and everyone is either a hippie or gay or a blow in like me lol. I crave the days when I head to Melbourne so that I can get a Hungry Jacks burger. That is TOMORROW. Maccers for breakfast then Hungry Jacks for lunch. I can have Sushi up here anytime. I’m actually house hunting and back to the land of the living where fast food is a way of life. Don’t get me wrong I eat healthy for about two weeks at a time but then something clicks…. and it’s … gimme a burger!

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