Ninjas After Malaysian Throne

Ninjas After Malaysian ThroneTen ninjas were stopped outside Malaysia’s royal palace as they attempted to claim the throne. Hey, hang on a minute aren’t ninjas suppose to be invisible? Anywho, the head ninja claimed he had a letter of appointment from the Philippines laying out the royal claim.  The big bummer is Malaysia has a law forbiding anyone to challenge the King’s authority, which means these ninjas face life in jail. It’s hard being a ninja these days.

Want sauce with that?


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11 responses to “Ninjas After Malaysian Throne

  1. Binky

    Maybe they just wanted to have tea with the king.

  2. He should consider eating lunch with him too as he looks a bit thin.

  3. so one can’t even attempt to claim a throne huh…. another fairy tale bites dust

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    🙂 Ah, ya frigginLOON!! 🙂

  5. AH, yes… the style of the bird…
    the jail-bird…

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