Kid Creates His Own Horror

Teen inspired by Amityville horror kills his entire familyA teen said to be fixated on the Amityville Horror story (and being a hitmen) has killed his entire family. Yep, the 13 year old Brazilian kid Marcelo Pesseghini  shot dead his mother, father, grandmother and great aunt  before toddling off to school for the day. When he returned home he shot himself too.

Psst I read the Amityville books when I was a teen and still have a fear of waking up at 3.15am 😯


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7 responses to “Kid Creates His Own Horror

  1. I loved that movie( have a thing for gory, creepy, horror movies) but no way my daughter is going to see it, you know why 😉
    I wanted to be a hitman but my aim sucks, I would end up killing every one else around the target.

  2. I’ll call you just ot make sure you are up

  3. Must be me, there was only one movie that actually scared me when I was a teen and still makes me jump as an adult.

    When a Stranger Calls

    No blood or violence, just scare.

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