On The Bright Side, It Has A Great View



OK here’s the thing dumbass Spanish architects. When you decide to add an additional 47 storeys to your 20 storey building you should always remember to factor in a redesign of the elevator system. Just saying. Now anyone wanting to go beyond floor 20 has to use the stairs . Bummer. The architects working on the project have all resigned.


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22 responses to “On The Bright Side, It Has A Great View

  1. I can see that this isn’t gong to be a commercially viable investment. Should have gotten Grollo Loon. I mean if he builds in Dubai why not Spain? Ahem … what about the inspectors Loon, they didn’t pick this up either? Also how did they all go out to get lunch? Not to mentions siesta time. Not to many thinkers over there.

  2. Time to build an outside elevator. Besides we don’t want Spain to get lazy like the US and Australia

  3. This is part of the Spanish keep fit campaign
    and there is a free parachute lesson with every pack 🙂 xxxx

  4. susi spice

    maybe..just maybe… this was intentional did you all think of that??? MAYBE it was a purposeful omission in the building plans after all we all get told we need to exercise more..and this way, people would get A LOT of exercise..imagine how good ur cardio will be if you are on the last floor?? haha

  5. Maybe there was something wrong with the planning department as they didn’t pick this up. This is monument to monumental stuffups.

  6. Also when there is a fire is everyone issued with a parachute? I can see a demolition happening in the very near future.

  7. Binky

    I can’t see how a 20 storey building could structurally support an additional 47 floors.

    • Sometimes they over design in anticipation. I did that with my first house. We overdesigned the slab in case we wanted an extension. These building have footings which are really really deep and reinforced with lots of steel. I mean I can imagine that there could be dramas as there already are lol.

  8. it was not an error guys, The architect just wanted to make sure anyone living above 20th floor earned it, that’s all!

  9. It is a health thing! That was the plan

  10. That’s just… um… that’s just a ‘design challenge’… er…

  11. I don’t believe any of it….. No…. not possible….moving on to the next story thanks Loon…

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