You Can Never Leave

Religious family abandon US only to be rescued at seaWhen a Arizona family  decided to abandon the US (because they hated government control) and take a “leap of faith” to see where God would lead them in a small boat,  you can pretty much guess what happened. Yep,  they sailed smack bang into a series of storms which left them floating adrift for weeks before they were finally rescued  by a Venezuelan fishing vessel. Now the family are back where they started. God has spoken.

Want sauce with that?


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7 responses to “You Can Never Leave

  1. Binky

    Sure sounds like it.

  2. God has Spoken and He wants all Arizonians to be in Arizona and not in Venezuela or else he would have seen to it that Arizonians be born in Venezuela..

  3. They hated government control? Maybe they should go live in just about any other country where they would have less freedoms.

    I have to separate my trash into 4 different trash bins, never do laundry on Sundays and be quiet between 1pm to 3pm everyday.

    I do feel fairly free where I live but it is not USA free.

  4. They are idiots. They should stay with Jan and Sheriff Joe. What fools.

  5. No matter where you go, there you are

  6. Back to square one then… Knobs 😦 lol

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