Fergie’s Back

Princess Beatrice to marryThe Queen, god bless her, has finally forgiven Fergie. Yes, I know, crazeee. Anywho, it seems Princess Beatrice has a ring on it and unless the Royal family wants uber awkwardness at the next Royal wedding they have to make nice with the mother of the bride. So to cut a long story short, the toe sucking outcast has been invited to join the main peeps at Balmoral (the main building) instead of staying alone in a cottage on the estate. Sheez, how thick her hide to even show up at Balmoral year after year only to be ushered to a hut while the Royals make merry in the main pad. Here’s to some very awkward silences.  Oooh and I can’t wait to see what Fergie and her offspring wear to the wedding.


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11 responses to “Fergie’s Back

  1. Binky

    Clothes, I hope.

  2. Oh Phillip Mountbatten was worse than Fergie in his youth.

  3. Poor dear. I always liked her, she is real people.

  4. I don’t think real people sell out their husbands to the press. She could actually have gone “Missing” for something like that. One of her really stupid decisions. There’s royalty/loyalty then ROYALTY/loyalty. Still she’s lucky they have a place to house her.

  5. Wonder if Beatrice will have another vagina hat

  6. Stick her in the stables
    with the rest of the horses 🙂 lmao

    I mean…

    Have you seen her teeth? Andy
    had a few scares I can tell you 😦

  7. disgusted

    She should have set a good example and been kind to Fergie all along. Giving Christmas speeches about kindness etc and did this. Anne does what she likes and nothing is said. Philip is the worst in the family and William is calling the shots. She treated Charles and Camilla absolutely shocking.

  8. I thought she was overly generous with Camilla in just even tolerating her behavior. Off with her head!

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