Nail Biting Emergency



Oh crap. Melbourne authorities have sent out an urgent plea for the man who bought Tincture of Nux Vomica from a local pharmacy  to return it immediately. Seems it contains friggin strychnine. Yes , you heard me strychnine. The man told the pharmachist he wanted something to stop his kid from biting their nails. Hmm, yeah, that will do it. Ingesting it can cause convulsions and possible death. Big question, who sells strychnine to the public? Miss Marple would be rolling around in her grave.


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6 responses to “Nail Biting Emergency

  1. Geez some parents take all the pleasure out of life do they not?

  2. A touch of chilly would have done the job… can’t trust the pro’s, who can you trust?

  3. CHASTITY GLOVES …..a new invention for nail biters… order now …. here… contact Mega for your one size fits all Italian leather gloves with stainless steal lock and chain …. see you in the Bahamas….

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