Claudius Vs a Gang of Mean Chooks

This is why Claudius has to have supervised visits outside. It’s a cruel world ….



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13 responses to “Claudius Vs a Gang of Mean Chooks

  1. Anonymous

    Mama- get me out of here them chicks are crazy!

  2. Claudius you’re the chicken here. Cat’s go for birds big or small, now do your job lololo

  3. Wow, is that your kitty? And your chickens and ducks? So precious! Whoever’s kitty, so darling!!!

  4. Anonymous

    HELP! These crazy birds are ganging up on me!

  5. Binky

    That’s really funny. Though those chickens do look pretty big and mean.

  6. I’m not sure what this is going to do for his street cred…

  7. Have you ever thought of becoming
    a professional film maker Loon 🙂 This is
    brillian Loont, poor Claudius, he was so
    NOT wanting to be the star of the show 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  8. Nice Panning by the way 😉 lol xxxx

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