A Million Cockroaches

A Million Cockroaches escapeQuick pass the spray people of Dafeng in China, there are a million friggin roaches on the loose.Yep, they escaped from a greenhouse where they were being bred for medicinal purposes. Hmm, yummy.


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6 responses to “A Million Cockroaches

  1. Hmm what kind of Medicinal purposes?

  2. I was wondering the same thing as celticqueen1 loon. At any rate, I suspect they’ll be “breeding” far better now that they’re on the loose! 😯

  3. Get your roach stompers on, kill them all. Medicinal my happy azz. Just Ick

  4. I hope I can still find my favorite roach vitamins…

  5. Frying Tonight 🙂 lol
    It will be cockroach sarnies
    with jelly and peanut butter,
    cockroach lollipops and a
    sweet and sour pork and…
    Yes you’ve guessed it, lots
    of crunchy cockroaches
    for dessert 🙂 lol Eeeeuw

  6. Binky

    Revenge of the cockroaches!

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