Fergie’s Back

What shall I possibly wear?

What shall I possibly wear?

The British rumor mill is alive with whispers Fergie and Prince Andrew are getting married again. Sheez, no wonder the Queen is doing a backflip.The couple have been divorced for some 17 years but have kinda still been living under the same roof ever since Fergie blew her dough. Royal fasionistas are cringing as we speak.


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5 responses to “Fergie’s Back

  1. Can’t live with each other and can’t life without each other lol

  2. Well, really and why not. It isn’t like either of them have found anyone else of equal fun and interest.

  3. Bloody Hope Not…. Anyone fancy a drink? 🙂
    How do you mean where? At the Nags Head of course…

  4. Now she can sell appearances by him legit

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