Yes Honey, We All Came From A Rock

Human life came from MarsNo need to beam us up, seems we’ve already been there. Some scientists now suspect that life began on Mars and then came to Earth via a rock . Reasoning? Well, evidently all the minerals essential to creating life were only available on Mars at the time. So basically that makes us all a bunch of martians .

Want Sauce with that?


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9 responses to “Yes Honey, We All Came From A Rock

  1. Hmm I wonder how they figured out considering we haven’t visited any other planets. Scientists huh!!!! They’re the martians Loon.

  2. Well, I do live under a rock, so…

  3. Binky

    I want to go home!

  4. This must be true cos whenever I go out in space and look at mars, my heart warms up maybe that alien DNA or a strand of it is still inside us

  5. Sounds similar to what I learned in science class in high school.:-|

  6. So what that alien anal probe all about then?

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