Biggest Insult EVER

A US executive is suing her boss (and scent making firm Firmenich) for $6 million after he told her she looked like Susan Boyle. Sheez, only $6 million?

Want sauce with that?


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4 responses to “Biggest Insult EVER

  1. I hope she succeeds as he was on her case for two years. She had a near fatal brain haemorrhage from all the stress because she wouldn’t go into business with him. Susan is what she is, a talented unique individual and to degrade both of them by insinuating she was old fat and ugly is a totally unacceptable. I bet he wishes he was a RICH as Susan is now !

  2. I had to look up to find out who Susan Boyle was..she is talented no doubt but I get the executive, and yes $6million is less

  3. Why the hell did she wait so long?

  4. There’s nothing like a big fat cheque
    to make everything alright again 🙂 lol

    Are you having a nice evening Loon 😉 xxxx

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