Millipedes 1, Commuters 0

Ever since those damn Black Portuguese millipedes were introduced to Australia by accident in the 1950s they have been nothing but trouble. Who knew the black hard shelled beasts, with hundreds of legs, breed in plague numbers and have no natural predator? You can try killing them but there is another army of them waiting in the wings. So it wasn’t a surprise to hear that these nasty little terrorists gathered on my city’s railway line and caused a train crash. Yep, thousands if not millions of them lay their little bodies on the line, and well, you can imagine what happened when a train tried applying its brakes……a slippery mess. Fortunately the train was going slow when it hit a stationary train.  I suspect this is just a first in string of events in their attempt to take over the world.

Psst The train union believes this is all BS .


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3 responses to “Millipedes 1, Commuters 0

  1. Nasty little creatures. At least Australia got your nasties accidently. We got ours (Fire Ants) on purpose.

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