Why do we give scum the time of day?

Steven Hayes tries to justify killing three peopleExcept for those “couple of minutes” we were “nice to everyone,” …. those are the words of Steven Hayes, one of the men on death row for the murders of a Connecticut doctor’s wife and his two daughters .  Hayes poured gasoline on the two girls and set them alight after having raped and strangled their mother… but except for those “couple of minutes” they were “nice to everyone,” .  If Hayes was attempting to justify his actions during the recent interview he must be delusional. He also admitted that while on death row he has watched TV shows about the murder.



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5 responses to “Why do we give scum the time of day?

  1. celticqueen1

    Yeah you’re obviously really nice NOT !!!

  2. Another delusional sociopath…

  3. I will never understand societies fascination with these sociopathic nutjobs.

  4. Death row’s too good for him. Scum like that should be tortured severely

  5. The Lions are getting hungry, so why wait? 🙂

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