Where Did They Go?

Netherlands closing 8 prisons due to lack of criminalsEither the justice system in  the Netherlands really sucks or the Dutch are just a bunch of law abiding citizens because they just closed 8 prisons due to lack of criminals. Hmm, that’s because they are  all smoking weed at the local cafes.


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6 responses to “Where Did They Go?

  1. megagetoverit

    A lesson learned…

  2. celticqueen1

    They are all over here cause our jails are splitting at the seams.

  3. missed opportunity here I think for the UK Government.

    our prisons are chokka, apparently

    instead of plans to build new ones, the government should have arranged to export our prisoners to jails in the Netherlands !

  4. celticqueen1

    Well in Melbourne QC Julian Burnside has anything to say about it they will all be going to Tasmania as he has it in mind that it could once again become a penal colony. Hmm I wonder what the Tasmanians think of his sprooking the idea last night? I mean it was 200 years ago when our ancestors came here in chains so instead of offloading 3 billion to Naura and Manus Island we can keep it all tidy and IN HOUSE so to speak.

  5. celticqueen1

    AND as Andy Stewart used to say, “nice to see ya Dunc, to see ya nice “.

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